Aloha teAda ohana,

As the year comes to a close, we are asking for support to continue sustaining our work for the communities we come from, build with and care for. For those of you wondering what we've been up to this year and post our Global Taxi Driver production last year: 

We’ve been deliberately shifting into more community strengthening based workshops and smaller productions. The come down after a large production or a big event often leaves community members reeling and trying to figure out what to do in the lull. Creative momentum can carry you for long, intense periods of time, and when the energy shifts or the project ends, it can be rough and isolating. We’ve shifted focus to creating projects that hold our communities and remind us of the daily ways to care for each other. We've been pushing to make our work more accessible and strengthen our communities in a more consistent, sustainable way because #teAdacares.

A little about us:


TeAda creates platforms for narratives that often are given no space in mainstream theater, film and public conversations. It is a space for People of Color actors/actresses/communities to create & tell their stories. We watch these stories take root and burst through the walls of the canon. We create art that shakes the complacency of living life, unmoved and unaware of even your neighbor. We create these moving works by bringing the people/stories/struggles out from the barrios, borders, bathrooms, cubicles, schools, public and subsidized housing complexes, taxis, restaurant kitchens, refugee camps, our own homes, our memories and hopes-- and performing them for all our communities to witness.  This is how we build community that has room for many stories, this is how we care for our hearts and each others’.


TeAda performs these works to spotlight the magic in social movements, in these people, in these lives to remind us all what care, love and healing looks like. The creative force behind all TeAda works, workshops, productions and  comes from an intuitive sense of care. Performing with care asks for a sharper, intimate look at how people transform themselves in navigating the world around them. Our process and performances grow out of compassion; we open space to see ourselves and each other, to understand our stories and histories within our bodies, to build long-term genuine relationships, and see reflections of our truths uplifted in our communities. 


TeAda has always been a theatre of the people, centered on immigrant, refugee and queer narratives. Over the years--we have taken a stand on a plethora of issues people of color communities face today. Such as:

CreAtive Self-Care: Tackling burnout and work culture in activists/organizing movements; building tools for community care and accountability/growing-edge conversations; supporting healing justice spaces for workers centers, unions and organizers.

Masters of the Currents: Realities of Micronesians in Hawaii; environmental refugees, poverty and cultural resilience, and failing of health care system, where is the aloha? Where is the open arms in America?

Pop-up TeAda: Workers’ rights and dignity in restaurants, supporting paid sick days, supporting Trans/Gender Non-Conforming/LGBTQ workers and community in restaurant spaces, dialogue between ROC-LA member workers and Gender Justice LA trans community; working with youth of Santa Monica, children and families of restaurant workers, supporting youth centers as anti-violence

Global Taxi Driver: Taxi Drivers from around the world, multi-ethnic immigrant communities, supporting unions outsourcing & privatization work, bringing National Taxi Workers Alliance organizers to Los Angeles to support worker organizing

Refugee Nation: Lao refugees/identity, our American history, healing from the wounds of war, incarceration and detention of refugee youth, PTSD and mental health.

Show TeAda YOU care today!