global taxi driver

“…mesmerizingly clever, the unwinding tales reveal the nobility of human existence in the face of hardship; the helping hand of coworkers when it is most needed; and most importantly, a pervasive sense of optimism.” Leigh Kennicott, Stage Happenings


This energetic play takes audience members on a ride through the lives and untold experiences of taxi drivers across the globe. Inspired by the real life experiences of taxi drivers from L.A. to Minneapolis, Bangkok to Guadalajara, Global Taxi Driver uncovers a unique view of the planet - from behind the wheel of a cab. Throughout the world, taxi driving is a gateway profession for immigrants, often taken on by people who were once farmers, soldiers, doctors, or lawyers. With the growth of ride-sharing services threatening this occupation, these stories become even more urgent to tell.

Director/Playwright Leilani Chan and TeAda Ensemble members Ova Saopeng (Assistant Director) and Shyamala Moorty (Choreographer), have been traveling the country collecting taxi driver stories.  Global Taxi Driver is a high energy devised theater play developed through interviews, workshops, story circles and residencies.

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Los Angeles Premiere 

March 21-29, 2015

East West Players in Los Angeles, CA

David Henry Hwang Theater

Cast: Elyse Dinh, Joshua R. Lamont, Kenesha, Hemmings, Marcos Najera, Shaan Dasani, Ova Saopeng

world premiere

September 11-14 & 18-21

Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Ensemble includes Nicole M. Smith, Blake Williams, Ifrah Mansour, Pedro Bayon, Gaosong Vang, Ova Saopeng
Past Ensemble members include: Saymoukda Vongsay, Robert Karimi, Kevin Kaoz Moore, Issac Cruz, Joseph Ocón, Amery Khao, Corky Dominguez, and Sofia Barrett-Ibarria.