TeAda on Tour

TeAda Founding Artist Director Leilani Chan and Co-Artistic Director Ova Saopeng are committed to engaging and building a community audience in every city they visit. Part of TeAda's touring show involves extensive community outreach weeks before the show is presented in a city. This allows for TeAda to build trust within the community and make sure that the audience is reflective of the people and stories shared on stage. TeAda has been honored to be the first theatrical experience for many audience members and in the process creates a new and diverse generation of theater goers. There are three components to a TeAda Tour : Community Outreach, Performance and Post Show Discussions.

CLICK HERE FOR HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR TOUR of ‘Masters of the Currents’ in Minneapolis, MN co-presented by Pangea World Theatre


Community Outreach




Post Show DiscussionS

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