TeAda Workshops

TeAda offers a variety of hands-on workshops both pre-designed and customized based on the needs of your group. Choose from a list of TeAda workshops below or fill out our booking form with a custom workshop request to bring us to your group today!

Come play in a safe and fun environment and discover the untapped capability of your voice, body and imagination. This workshop will tap into the tools you have with you everyday to express yourself creatively. These theater games are great for developing self-confidence, speaking in front of a group, and focusing energetic minds in creative tasks while developing self expresion. These exercises are also great for getting to know your students better and will also help to develop teamwork, empathy, and cultural understanding.

Age range:  Ideal for K-5th grade but great for beginners of all ages.

CreAtive Self Aware

Theater and StoryTelling

Learn practical and fun acting, movement, storytelling and interview techniques used to collect stories and turn them into live presentations. During this unique experience attendees will explore their personal histories through partnership exercises and theater games.  This workshop fine tunes listening and observation skills while practicing story structure and developing self-confidence. By creating a safe fun environment for students to share their personal stories, many teachers have learned new things about their students. Often shy students find the strength to speak or talkative students are able to channel their creativity into storytelling and supporting others in sharing their experience.

Age range: The workshop is ideal for grades 6-12.

Refugee Nation: Activating Art from a Borderless Perspective

This session is for those who call more than one nation home or have had to leave a country or culture behind to assimilate into the mainstream. Specifically teachers or administrators who are themselves, working with, or want to work with immigrant, refugee, migrant or indigenous communities. This session will be interactive and will include writing exercises and group story sharing. The facilitators will share strategies they have developed over the last decade for working with refugee and immigrant communities.

Age range: Ideal for teachers looking for creative ways to develop empathy in a diverse classroom and with changing demographics. Exercises can be customized for grades K-5 and will involve less emphasis on writing and more on group storytelling.  While grades 6-12 focus more on individual writing and partnering for story sharing.

TeAda Methodology Workshop Leaders



Led by Leilani Chan and Ova Saopeng are founding members of  L.A. based TeAda Productions and creators of Refugee Nation, the 1st nationally touring play about the Lao American experience.  They have worked in schools across the country from an elementary school Homer AK, to an inner city Middle School in Boston MA, to a High School in Minneapolis/St Paul MN where the students, many new arrivals, speak over 27 languages.  After doing this work for over a decade, they have developed strategies for working with refugee and immigrant communities. Through the TeAda Methodology they will share the transformative nature of theater and it’s ability to unite people and teach understanding through sharing one’s own story.

Successful business leaders are confident, effective communicators.  In meetings, presentations and negotiations, clear communication is the key to success for individuals, small businesses, large corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations.  TeAda’s Art of Successful Business workshop builds fundamental verbal and non-verbal skills with theater techniques and activities to turn anyone into a confident communicator.  By the completion of the session, participants will feel more comfortable in large groups as well as communicating more effectively in one-on-one work situations.  Improve your personal skills as well as those of your team, your office and your business by participating in this workshop.  Individual and group rates available.

Offered as a one-hour, half-day or full-day workshop ideal for retreats, icebreakers, conferences and team meetings.

*The “Art” of Successful Business: Using theater games to increase confidence and communication skills


Appreciating Diversity: Using storytelling to create deeper connections



Understanding and appreciating diversity is a necessary key to success in today’s world.  This workshop can be used for employees of an organization or with community constituents.  This experience moves beyond statistics and gets to a deeper understanding of real situations while developing a strong human connection to those you serve or work with.  The workshop will include activities that build bridges, such as story circles, which provide an inspiring structure for sharing, listening, finding commonalities, appreciating differences, and forming new bonds.  TeAda has various scenes and monologues that reflect different communities, which can serve as perfect key note addresses for raising and awareness and facilitating dialogue.

Offered as a one-hour, half-day or full-day workshop ideal for retreats, icebreakers, conferences and team meetings as well as theatrical presentations that could serve as keynote addresses at conferences.

Teambuilding with TeAda: interactive theater activities  to improve the culture of your organization


At the heart of any successful business is a team that works well together.  Teams form the foundation of every high-achieving partnership, business and non-profit organization.  But how do you build a strong team that works well together? Most teams form organically through years of experience but who has time for that?  Through the Teambuilding with TeAda workshop, your team will experience an increase in trust while more clearly identifying roles, skills and the means of organizing to achieve a common goal.  The workshop relies on hands on, tried and true theater activities and games, to bring the team together in a way that traditional business models can’t.  After the completing the workshop, teams will communicate more effectively, experience an increase in productivity and problem solving skills.

Offered as a one-hour, half-day or full-day workshop ideal for retreats, icebreakers, conferences and team meetings.